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For Landlords – Tenant Screening Tips

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Here are our Top 7 Criteria for Selecting Tenants

  1. Can they prove who they say they are with proper ID, SSN#, etc?
  2. Do they have a job and/or enough income so they afford the rent and utilities?
  3. Do they have job stability, a good work history and good job references?
  4. How is their credit?  Do they pay their bills?  Do they pay on time?  Have they ever filed for bankruptcy?
  5. Can they provide good references from previous landlords?  Have they ever been evicted?
  6. Do they have a criminal background?
  7. How many people will be living in the property?  HUD has guidelines about how many people to allow per room.

Most of all, you want to know if they can they pay the rent, will they pay the rent and will they cause any trouble.  To help our clients select tenants, SkyBridge has partnered with the National Tenant Network to provide tenant credit and background checks.  To get started, click on the link below to get started.

Click here for:  SkyBridge Tenant Screening Service